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EcoDefy Automatic Touchless Hand Soap and Sanitizer Countertop Dispenser

Product Features

  • ✅ REDUCES THE SPREAD OF BACTERIA AND VIRUSES - No need to touch a dirty soap dispenser any ever again! With the EcoDefy touch free soap dispenser, soap will dispense automatically when your hand is placed in front of its responsive infrared sensor! Far more HYGIENIC and CLEAN than a store-bought soap dispenser, you can rest easier knowing it will prevent the spread of germs and keep your children safe and healthy. Get a second one for hand sanitizer and never have a sick day again!
  • ✅ KIDS LOVE IT - With the stunning, touchless soap dispenser by EcoDefy, your children will actually want to wash their hands! Easy enough for anyone to use, children will marvel at their new favorite "magic" kitchen sink and bathroom soap dispenser! NO MORE WORRYING about germs infecting your precious child. They will finally enjoy washing their hands before dinner for once!
  • ✅ STUNNING, MODERN DESIGN - Premium, brushed stainless steel design brings class and luxury to any bathroom, kitchen, or home. Fingerprint resistant and sleek, this hands free soap dispenser will look beautiful and clean for weeks!
  • ✅ EASY, ADJUSTABLE SOAP VOLUME - This dispenser comes with three different settings to adjust the amount of soap you want dispensed, and holds nearly 9.5 ounces of soap at one time. Cycle through all three with only the push of a button. Compatible with any kind of liquid hand or dish soap brand, and also works great with hand or body lotion! No need to buy anything you don't already have!
  • ✅ ONE-YEAR WARRANTY - EcoDefy stands behind its products 100%. If you have any issues with one of our automatic soap dispensers, simply contact us and we will make things right. Beware of competitors that won't match our spectacular customer service! The only seller authorized to provide the original factory warranty is EcoDefy!

About this product

EcoDefy Automatic Soap Dispenser brings premium quality and elegance to your home! Featuring gorgeous brushed stainless steel design, this touchless countertop soap dispenser will stay looking clean and beautiful in your kitchen sink and bathroom for years!

Hands Free Use - Uses a touchless Infra-Red sensor to reduce the the spread of bacteria and viruses around your home. Your kids will love how easy it is to wash their hands - no more worrying about about the little ones getting sick! Works great with hand sanitizer too!

Adjustable Soap Volume - One button will adjust soap volume to three different amounts quickly and easily. Have one in your garage where hands get covered in grease and grime? Simply increase the amount of soap dispensed to easily cut through whatever comes your way.

Uses Any Liquid Hand or Dish Soap - The EcoDefy Automatic Soap Dispenser will use any liquid soap you have lying around the house. Also works great with any hand or body lotion! No need to purchase any special soap for this unit!

Money Saving Battery Usage - Uses AAA batteries to save money on your energy and utilities bill. One step closer to a green and energy efficient household!

Setting up the EcoDefy automatic soap dispenser is easy:

1. Open the base cover and insert 4 new AAA batteries.

2. Twist the top cap and open. Fill the tank with the liquid soap or sanitizer of your choice. Close the top cap by twisting and locking.

3. Keep the on/off button on the top pressed for 3 secs - you will see a red light blink - the unit is now ON. If you wish to turn OFF the unit keep button pressed for 3 secs.

4.The first time you use the unit open and close the lid one time to let air bubbles escape. Place your hand underneath the dispenser the pump will dispense soap.

It's that easy!

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